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The Solution - Das NANOIDENT® Concrete & Stone

We have the right nano system for every wish
The NANOIDENT® Concrete & Stone is a professional coating system from CTC Nanotechnology GmbH with the concrete and stone industry which can react to every customer's request. Whether favorable and good whether expensive and very good we cover all the needs of our customers! Even nano products for the stain repellent for stone and concrete as well as lime stones are possible at reasonable prices!
  • The NANOIDENT® Concrete & Stone sealeris available a perfect protection for concrete and stone surfaces.
  • Your concrete and stone surfacesa lotus effect on the surface!

The application is very simple and very fast to carry out. The used nano products are also the right nano products with high resistance as well as moss and algae rejection! The special feature of our system is that our product series makes it possible for every concrete and stone customer to offer the right or desired product function, at the same time the product also works perfectly on the surface!

Every service provider from the concrete and natural stone as well as from the house façade area wants to satisfy its customers and sell them the best possible product with the best stability and function. Furthermore, the product users have to buy his products at favorable conditions, but also expect the best function and the simplest application as well as the lowest possible consumption as well as the simplest and fast application. The customer would like to receive the best service at the best price. The customer now expects the longest possible surface function, as well as a nice clean material surface which does not lose the appearance for a long period of time. After more than 10 years of research and development, CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has succeeded to develop a complete product series for all needs of the concrete and stone industry.