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Nano products for:
  • Concrete / stones
  • House / building
  • Wall plaster / house colors
  • City pavement / Paving stones
The nanotechnology-refined surface is up to 80% longer and more functional than conventional impregnations! After each rain, the surface is cleaned again! Dirt particles can no longer accumulate in the pores. The surfaces remain clean longer. Stone and concrete materials are much better protected against rain, UV radiation and dirt.


Nanotechnology is considered as the key technology of the 21st century. nano products are increasingly used. The innovative potential of nanotechnology will permanently change and shape the concrete and stone industries. Product applications, that were not yet reachable years ago are now possible. The nano products, recently developed, allow for surface properties which were not previously possible with conventional impregnations. Also in the house and horticulture today you use nano products, since these products achieve the characteristics desired by these customers. The application of a nano sealer is very simple because these products are adapted to the material surfaces. Materials such as concrete, stone, natural stone, granite, sandstone etc. can be sealed with these products. With our special "ECO" Pre-cleaner, you can free almost all surfaces from environmental pollution.