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About us


The credo of CTC Nanotechnology GmbH is "always better, ever firmer, longer and longer". Nanotechnology opens up new functions in the world with very different modes of action through very small nano particles. A nanometer is the millimeter part of a millimeter. The diameter of a human hair is fifty thousand times larger than a single nano particle.
  • Increase the life spanof your concrete & stone surfaces.
  • The nano-sealing is sustainable and protects your surfaces against loss of value.

The application possibilities of this nanotechnology are manifold. Therefore the future advances of nanotechnology determine the future development of future-oriented industries.

CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has unique features:

For the purification of the concrete and stone materials, the user or customer can now choose whether he would like a surface protection for 1 year, 5 years, for 10 years or for 15 years. Our unique technology is carried out by trained specialists and offers you a perfect protection against dirt and weathering. Furthermore, the customer receives the highest possible surface protection.